Butterfly Buddies
A buddy is a friend, someone you can count on when you need help. We would like for you to become a buddy or friend to help protect our butterflies. Over the past years there has been a decline in the number of butterflies. Many scientists are worried and are searching for answers to stop the decline.
As you walk around your school, how many butterflies do you see? Butterflies are important for the environment. Students can take part in an effort to make their school yard or town more friendly to insects and wildlife. Let's explore what you might do to become a "Butterfly Buddy".
Your class has been chosen to create a butterfly garden at your school. Each class will be divided into four groups: Landscape Designer, Environmentalist, Lepidopterist, and Botanist.Each group will conduct their research and report their findings to the class. The class will compile the results from each group. The class will use the information from the research to help create a butterfly garden or a butterfly friendly space.
Landscape Designer
This group will tell us the important do's and don'ts when building a butterfly garden.
This group will learn about how butterflies can be helpful for our environment. They should also make us aware of ways we can attract butterflies to our garden.
LepidopteristThis group will learn about the different kinds of butterflies and which ones are in Texas and in Collin County.
This group will tell us what plants and flowers are helpful for attracting butterflies that live in our area.
Each group will present their research to the class. After each group has presented the class will then decide a plan of action.
The information that you learn from working on this project should help your school create a butterfly garden or a butterfly friendly space that will help our environment.

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